Thuringian automotive supplier scores with future-oriented production

The ae group now produces 22,000 tons of light metal die-cast 100% CO₂-neutral!

The ae group ag, headquartered in Gerstungen (Thuringia), makes a contribution with its production to produce climate-friendly. This has been 100% CO₂-neutral since June 2021. The automotive supplier is thus reacting very quickly to the EU's demands on climate change. The annual CO₂ emissions of around 35,000 tons are no longer applicable for the group. For comparison: The amount of CO₂ that is no longer emitted for production at ae corresponds to a journey of 390 million kilometres (or 10,000 times around the world) in a car that will be produced in accordance with EU guidelines from 2021. We are standing for sustainability, so the group!

This makes the ae group ag one of the first companies in Europe to achieve this standard in the production of light metal die castings.

The automotive supplier produces and develops die-cast aluminum, various transmission parts and lightweight components for interior and exterior applications for the automotive industry. Components for electromobility are also increasingly being implemented. The supplier produces on demand for the customers when weight-reduced alternatives to the use of steel are required. The focus is on hybrid material combinations and thus a high load capacity of the components with the lowest possible use of material and weight.

The company currently employs 1,400 people with locations in Lübeck, Nentershausen, Gerstungen (headquarters) and Poland, and is diligently preparing to expand its footprint within Europe.

The two new board members, the Belgian CEO Koen Beckers and COO Klaus Reinbold, started their work in 2020 and want to position the group not only for the future, but also for the environment.

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